Once again the time has come for a new blog post of Vidiget about Startup help. Today we will be providing a few very usefull resources and tools for Startups.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, nowadays there are a lot of free or very cheap services provided by companies, which can be very helpful for new startups. So look around and see if any of the resources are usefull to you.

Name – Logo – Brand

To begin with, every company needs a brand. So you will need to come up with a good name and then think of a suitable Logo to go with it. Naming of the startup can get tricky. Even when we started looking for a name for Vidiget, we took a while to find a good option for us. However, our best friend was a website called NameCheckList.

This website is a great tool to help anyone who wants to find an available name. While it will not provide you with examples, it gives you a great chance of trying out your own ideas and see if the name domain is taken, is it already used in most popular social websites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I find that very helpful, as sometimes poeple find the name they want and like, however after they book their domain name they find that it is already taken in main social platforms. And then they are forced to either re-think the name or use horrible names for Facebook pages or Twitter profiles. For me that is a big NO NO!

So use this site as a tool for your name and get the most out of it. Be smart about the branding and naming. Even if you think it is not that important in the beginning, it will at a later date, so invest a little bit more time into this process.

Here are two great articles to read about naming and branding from leading Startup Guru’s: Dharmesh Shah and Guy Kawasaki

Now we move on to the Logo. This is equally important, as a Logo is like your Business card for other people. They see the logo and they can already tell a bit about your style, the company imige and so on. My suggestion is DON’T BE CHEAP. Investment in the Logo might cost you a few hundred bucks, but it is a one time cost which will cover you for the rest of your startups lifetime. It is easier if you can make Logo design yourself, or you have a friend who can help you. But if you are not that fortunate, don’t worry. There are services for that now as well. Our suggestion: 99designs

99designs is a great company providing a really good service. It is a marketplace for designs. The idea is very simple: Make a contest, offer your price,  write up your idea about the design (the more information you give the better) and you will have designers all over the world competing and sending you Logo examples. Once you find the one you like, you purchase it and voilà – you have got yourself a nice Logo:)

The website

Ok, another thing I want to talk about is the website. And I can speak from my own experience here. I am no programmer. So obviously I cannot make a website myself. Well that is what i thought, but now even the ones unfortunate as myself can do it with ease. And here is my suggested company for doing it: weebly

  Weebly is a tool which helps us create simple websites. It is drag and drop, so it literally can’t get easier than that. Now your site might need more options available, or it might not be that simple to make (Hey even Vidiget final site needs a little more than these companies can offer) but you can still use it. We, for one, created our landing page with weebly. I find it perfect for that. And you can create 2 sites free of charge (however, I do recommend upgrading and helping the great company for all the hard work they did to create this tool). There are other companies who offer similar tools, but Weebly is my favourite so far. But that is just my own opinion. Maybe you will find another more suitable for your needs:)


Emails and Marketing

Ok. Everybody has emails. Big surprise:) But, not everyone knows how to make your Newsletters amasing and actually usefull instead of random rubbish we all receive everyday. For this I HIGHLY recommend Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an Email Marketing tool, which gives us a chance to create beutiful Newsletters, create and manage lists of your clients emails, create personalized sign up forms and so on. Moreover, it gives us great feedback statistics about the emails you send out and how successful your marketing campaign was. To tell a story short, this one is a MUST in my opinion. Give it a try:)

Team work

As we all know, it is impossible to manage everything alone. We need a team and we need tools to help us all work. Therefore, I present you: asana

  Asana is a tool for Teams & Task management. It’s an easy to use tool which lets us make tasks, assign them to team members and see the results instantly as it is updated in real-time. It is free to use for up to 30 team members, and if you have more you have a choise of packages available.

We all know how hectic the Startup life can get, so such tool is an essential part of your Startup tools.




Information and knowledge

As we mentioned in our recent post, in order to be successful you HAVE to know what is happening in the world. Therefore, you need to keep track of the news which are important to you, your startup and your market. Since I cannot guess all of your needs, I just want to point out a few great blogs and news sites which have been really helpfull and informative for me.

My favourite Blog: Onstartups

I find Dharmesh Shah a great entrepreneur, who can offer a lot of knowledge for the rest of us. His blog has become one of the most important read for me, and I hope you take a look and like it aswell. One more thing, his blog has a list and ranking of other great startup blogs available, so check that out aswell. Really usefull!


I have already mentioned them before, but here it goes – Techcrunch, Venturebeat, TheNextWeb.

In my own huble opinion, these are great sites for Tech news. There are plently more out there, but so far i found these to be more than sufficient. So go ahead and read away:)


Obviously, I cannot list all the resources and tools available in one post, but you can see some of my favourites. There are plenty more out there, so I would like to share a few lists where you can find more tools. Look around and see which could be usefull for you and your startup.

Startup toolbox

Startup tools list

Steve Blank’s tool list

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this post was usefull:) What do you think? Got any more recommendations for the list? Share it with us!



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